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What To Knit When The State Of The World Is Getting You Down

What To Knit When The State Of The World Is Getting You Down

Cheer yourself up with these brilliant pattern ideas

From politics and pandemics to plastic and climate change, the world can feel like a big and scary place at times. If we start thinking too much, it can all be very overwhelming. It’s time to take a breath and choose a more mindful outlook to boost your well-being. So, we’ve come up with some fun pattern suggestions to bring a smile and get your needles clicking. Read on to see What To Knit When The State Of The World Is Getting You Down...

A big blanket to hide under

© Jimenez Joseph

This double bed sized knitted throw is simple, colourful and large enough to disappear into when you are in denial.

A pin cushion

© Amalia Samios

You can stab sharp objects into it and won’t be arrested for it, and it’s practical too. How’s that for a double-whammy. We think this cactus pincushion is a brilliant idea!

An eye mask

© Lucky Fox Knits, 2017

You know, “See no evil” and all that… This double-layered eye mask knitting pattern is worked in the round and is also ideal for taking on your travels.


Something really intricate

© Kitman Figueroa

©  Kaffe Fassett

Knitting is a great hobby for practising elements of mindfulness. More complex designs like this stunning Jaali lace shawl by Kitman Figueroa or Kaffe Fassett’s super colourful jacket will give you something to focus on, offering a much-needed distraction from your troubles - and you’ll end up with an amazing creation at the end of it, hurrah!


Baby knits

© Annie’s Signature Designs

We believe that children are the future (thanks Whitney!). They’re a sign of hope to come and that’s got to be worth smiling about. We love Lena Skvagerson’s baby blanket, hat and soakers pattern.


A sunshine


Make sure your day is always sunny with this free sunshine cushion pattern from DROPS.

A cloud

© Bernat

Alternatively, knit a cloud and add in a silver lining for good measure. This free cloud pillow pattern from Bernat is made in soft fleecy yarn.


A protest project

© Bohoknits

Create your own message with Kelly McClure’s Alphabet Headband knitting pattern. There are charts for the full alphabet so you can customise the pattern to say whatever is on your mind!


Charity projects

© Carissa Browning

Bring back the feel-good factor by using your knitting skills to help those in need. Carissa Browning’s preemie baby hat pattern can be made and donated to hospitals

Alternatively, if you prefer to make simple knitted or crocheted squares, check out the Hug In A Blanket group on Facebook. The volunteers make personalised blankets for children with long-term or life-limiting illnesses. 


Plastic-free swaps
Help improve the planet with these eco-friendly makes!

© Let’s Knit

A reusable shopping bag (and handy little pouch)

© Let’s Knit 

Super simple dishcloths

© Let’s Knit

Perfect plastic swaps for the bathroom


Literally. The mere practice of knitting will focus your mind and soothe your soul. You can make absolutely anything. You don’t even need to finish something. After a few rows, you’ll start to feel better. Trust us, we’re knitters!


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