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Made for men: what to knit this Valentine’s Day

Made for men: what to knit this Valentine’s Day

Every holiday that comes around, we all face the same dilemma - what lovingly crafted present should we make this time? The challenge is to find something the man in our life will wear or use with pride. Read on for ideas, inspiration and important considerations that will ensure your gift is a hit this February 14th.

Get the pattern for Sian Brown’s matching hat and scarf here.

Sometimes it can seem as if men’s brains are wired differently to women, so it’s no surprise that we can have difficulty finding gifts for each other. Guys often like their belongings to serve a purpose, so try to make your gift as practical as possible. Think about what he needs - is there something missing from his wardrobe, or is his favourite garment wearing thin?

Although some men like to act macho, make sure you choose a soft yarn, especially if it’s for a garment or accessory that’s worn next to the skin. Don’t just think of baby yarns either; choose pure merino or alpaca blends for a natural option. When it comes to colourways, don’t automatically go for black, navy or grey. Red, green, orange, and even purple all come in quite manly hues.

Fashion Forward
Knitwear is trendy: fact. Warm and woolly sweaters are all over the high street but the world of men’s fashion is wide and diverse; not all fellas like the same thing. Have a look around the high streets or online for inspiration – we can guarantee you’ll almost always find a pattern that fits the style!

LEFT: Jumper, £30, by Jacamo Menswear, RIGHT: Guido by Rowan in the new Magazine 55.

Total Texture
If you want to add interest to your project but don’t think a rainbow of shades will be quite his style, then textured stitches are the answer. Cables are especially popular, and look great when combined with a chunky yarn – they also give the illusion of stripes.

Before you incorporate texture into your project, you will need to think about the yarn you are using. Self-striping yarns, variegated or heavy tweeds work best with bigger patterns and larger twists and knots, whereas smooth DK yarns look great when used with more subtle effects like moss or waffle stitch patterns.

Size isn’t everything!
Don’t worry if you’re short of time or his wardrobe is already bursting with warm woollens - look to accessories instead! February can still be quite chilly, so hats and scarves are always needed. Try not to go for anything too flamboyant though. It’s great fun knitting intricate Fair Isle, but if he won’t wear it, you’re just wasting your yarn! Try stripes or unusual textured effects to add interest. Simple beanies are quick and easy to knit, while a nice pair of fingerless gloves will show that you’ve considered the problems posed by his touch-screen smartphone.

Get the pattern for this wraparound laptop cosy here.

Home Essentials
Cases for mobile phones, e-readers and laptop or tablet computers are all quick and easy knits that will be gratefully received for their practical uses. Even simple drawstring bags and pouches can be used for storing cords and leads. Or if he loves his morning cuppa then why not rustle up a teacosy? Use a yarn made of natural fibres for extra insulation.

Fun Factor
While we have warned against over-the-top knits, novelty items with motifs inspired by film and television also make great gifts. Accessories, homewares and even fancy-dress costumes will all be gratefully received if they are based on one of his favourite shows. Find an incredible range of inventive patterns and ideas at

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