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Into the Wild: How You Can Support Animal Charities Across the Globe

Into the Wild: How You Can Support Animal Charities Across the Globe

Check out our list of organisations that support animals in need

In our December issue, we showcased some adorable animal knitting patterns for vulnerable and endangered species. As well as knitting the animals to raise awareness, some of you may wish to donate to causes that support these special creatures. Here are a few suggestions…


Lion Aid is a UK-based charity that works with local communities, leaders and politicians in Africa to support lion populations in the wild. Learn more at

...and tigers…

Save Wild Tigers works in partnership with Born Free and other charitable groups in India to support these stunning creatures. Visit

...and bears (oh, my!)

The Giant Panda is the globally recognised symbol of the Worldwide Wildlife Fund. Find out how you can support the WWF at

Great apes

Help ensure the orangutan’s future with the Orangutan Foundation.

Cuddly koalas

The Australian Koala Foundation is dedicated to supporting these gorgeous marsupials. Learn more at


The British Hedgehog Preservation Trust has been helping our prickly friends since 1982. To donate and find out more, visit


Help the world’s most trafficked animal at


Visit to find out how you can support rhinos in the wild.


Yorkshire Wildlife Trust’s Wilder Wetlands campaign protects important habitats, including that of the booming bittern. Visit to learn more.


The RSPB’s Don’t Let Threatened Birds Fade Away appeal highlights Britain’s disappearing avian species. Find out more about puffins and how you can help at

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