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The Messages Hidden In Your Knitted Gifts

The Messages Hidden In Your Knitted Gifts

Find out what your knitting says about you!

Knitted gifts are a pleasure to make and we get a wonderful sense of satisfaction in handing over our lovingly-crafted stitches to a friend or relative. However, did you realise that the gifts we choose to make reveal as much about ourselves as they do about the person we’re giving them to? You’ve heard about ghost whisperers and animal whisperers, well think of us as knitting whisperers. Here’s what your projects say about you - and you know what, if the recipients of your gifts knew this, they would definitely be more grateful! Read on to find out what personality traits are hidden in your knitting…

You clearly have the patience of a saint! We mean it. We often speak of scarf patterns in terms of length in centimetres or inches, but have you ever stopped to think how many rows that is? Answer: it’s a lot!

Some things in life are quicker to do than they look, but moss stitch is not one of those things. As much as we love the effect, it’s certainly an investment both of time and of yarn. Any moss stitch project of a reasonable size shows your determination, perseverance and dedication.

You are the knitting equivalent of a Mother Hen, making sure all your loved ones are properly wrapped up against the winter chills. That’s the height of thoughtfulness. No-one’s catching a chill on your watch!

You are a practically-minded knitter. See a need, fill a need, that’s you to a T. Whether their house is a little draughty, they’re short on storage or their cup of tea always gets cold, you’ll be there to whip up a knitty solution.

Even the smallest of presents shows that you’re thinking of someone. The fact that you were good enough to consider that person as being deserving of your time and talent is so lovely. Your recipient should be moved to tears at how kind and generous you are. If they’re not, send them to us!

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