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Hand Care Tips From SEAMS

Hand Care Tips From SEAMS

Words from Karen J. Gerrard Founder SEAMS Couturiers Hand Cream

“Two months ago I taught myself to crochet and now am an addicted hooker, one more row and
then I will stop has now escalated to one more square then another…. You know what it’s
like! Tea is left untouched, bathroom breaks at the last minute! Then of course hands
became dry and sore! Fortunately it’s been SEAMS Hand Cream to the rescue.

Here’s five ways to keep your hands in tip top condition whilst knitting and crocheting

From the first touch wool starts to take out the moisture - The main rule of thumb is to moisturise and massage regularly focusing on sensitive areas.

1. Finger tips – Deep massage your fingertips with a drop of hand cream, this keeps the blood
circulating and stops that tight feeling keeping fingertips smooth and nimble.

2. Nails – Keep nails filed straight just slightly rounded at the edges to avoid catching on your
work and becoming weak.

3. Cuticles – another place that wool catches, gently clip off any loose skin and massage in an
extra drop of SEAMS at night before going to sleep.

4. Don’t rummage in your knitting bag, that’s a sure way to catch skin.

5. Posture - If knitting and watching TV have your body pointing face on not at an angle, as
twisting your shoulders in the slightest way can have an adverse effect your wrists and

SEAMS Couturiers Hand Cream (specially designed for seamstresses and knitters) is non-
greasy with a light scent and full of natural ingredients including Shea Butter, Rosehip Oil and a Biomimetic Lipid Complex that sinks straight into skin. Use regularly whilst working and last thing at night to wake up with soft smooth hands.”

Feel the SEAMS Touch: seamsbeauty.co.uk

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