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Diary of a Christmas knitter: 55 days to go!

Diary of a Christmas knitter: 55 days to go!

‘Tis the season to start frantically knitting gifts like there’s no tomorrow! Follow along with our ambitious knitter’s diary as she casts on for Christmas.

Oh no, Christmas is coming again. I knew it was coming, in theory of course, since September when all the tinsel went up in the shops, but Asda have an offer on mincemeat now so I know doom is approaching. Have made frantic lists of what I’ll knit for everyone. (There should have been only one list, but actually there were two. I got halfway down the first one, and then Boyfriend wrote a Chinese takeaway order under it and for a couple of hours I was wondering why I was planning to knit my dad a pair of cabled spare ribs. The second time I finished the list.) Here’s what it looks like:

1) Mum: luxurious pink blanket to snuggle up under when she falls asleep on the sofa every night

2) Dad: cabled socks to protect him from blisters on long country walks

3) My sister Tina: matching angora wrap and blackberry stitch clutch bag for nights out, to invest her with a touch of class even while she’s falling off her stilettos on the way home from Wetherspoons

4) My brother Gerry: cosy for his beloved iPad, the equivalent of knitting baby cardigans for new mums

5) Nanna: hot water bottle cover. She’s always cold

6) Little Alice, the next door neighbour’s three-year-old: a cuddly tiger. Last week she asked her mum for a real tiger, to eat her brother. Bless her.

Having made the list, I figure it’s ages till Christmas, so I put it down on the coffee table and put my feet up in front of EastEnders for a bit…

Will our ambitious knitter finish her Christmas list before the big day? Keep an eye out for her next diary entry, and find out how she gets on!

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