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9 Hilarious Knitting Problems

9 Hilarious Knitting Problems

Non-crafters just don’t get these things and we wouldn’t have it any other way! Have a few giggles and read through our funny list of things that your friends and family just don’t understand.

1. Having a big stash does not count as hoarding

It doesn’t matter what it is. Yarn, needles, fabric, stamps, beads, buttons, paper, anything, everything. You can never have too much or too many and don’t let anyone tell you differently!

2. You don’t need to have a project in mind

We’ve all come back from our favourite yarn or craft store proudly displaying our latest purchases, only to be met with: “That’s nice, what are you making?” First, take a deep breath. It’s not their fault they don’t understand. It is perfectly acceptable to scream: “WHO CARES? IT’S JUST SO BEAUTIFUL!”

‘One day’ is a real date

“I might use it one day” is a very good reason for buying more craft supplies. What if that one day was tomorrow and you didn’t have that exact shade of pure cashmere yarn? Where would you be then? But if we buy it now…

You can’t throw scraps away

A time will come when you are working on a project that calls for that spare metre of yarn, tiny oddment of paper or misshapen off-cut of fabric. No-one wants to damage a pristine, untouched ball or sheet. That’s why you have kept all those tiny bits for years and years. See, that’s forward planning, that is.

Interrupting you when you’re counting may result in flying objects

While we don’t condone violence here at LK, why can non-crafters not grasp the fact that talking to us when we’ve nearly finished counting our 257 stitches or 300 seed beads is not a good idea? They seem surprised when the nearest cushion gets flung at their head. Strange…

It’s ok to have several WIPs

[That’s Works In Progress for those who were worried we’d gone off-piste]
It’s refreshing to be able to switch between a long-term project like a blanket or scrapbook and something speedy like a quick baby make or card. Crafting isn’t a case of not having dessert because you haven’t finished your dinner – it’s more like one of those all-you-can-eat buffets where you can have cheesecake and Yorkshire puddings on the same plate.

Being untidy is part of the creative process

Surrounding yourself with beautiful crafting materials is the perfect way to observe your stash, choose something appropriate for the project in hand and keep you inspired while we work.

You need a whole room for your craft supplies

If they don’t want to find yarn in their sock drawer, there is only one feasible solution…

You like to tell people about your crafting (even though they don’t know what you’re talking about)

It doesn’t matter if they don’t understand the top-down construction of a cardigan or the finer points of embossing a stamped motif. Their job is to sit and listen attentively. Understood?

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