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11 irresistible ocean creatures to knit or crochet

11 irresistible ocean creatures to knit or crochet

June 8th celebrates World Ocean Day, an annual event which aims to honour the salty seas that cover over 70% of our planet. Show your support by knitting or crocheting one of these fabulous aquatic critters – from whales and dolphins to mermaids and fish, we’re sure we’ve got something to inspire you!

1. Melville won’t only just become your new best friend – he’ll keep your spare change handy, too!

(Find the free pattern right here on our website)

2. Lobsters are typically blue in colour, but if you prefer the classic bright red shade, why not crochet one of each using this pattern?

(Buy yours from Love Knitting!)

3. Octopuses are brilliant escape artists, but don’t worry – Opus is one eight-legged critter who will stay put!

(The pattern is available for free from Knitty)

4. Dolphins are one of the most intelligent animals in the world. This little guy’s name is Sifiso, which means ‘Hope’ in Zulu!

(Knit your own flippered friend – buy the pattern from Craftsy)

5. Made famous by the much-loved Pixar film Finding Nemo, clownfish make their home in poisonous sea anemone.

(Lion Brand has the free pattern)

6. Cut off a starfish’s leg, and another one will grow back in its place!

(Visit Just Crafty Enough for the free pattern)

7. Who could resist a cute and colourful turtle? Get creative and make one in your own choice of bright and beautiful shades.

(This crochet pattern is free from Crochetville)

8. It’s believed that people made up the story of the unicorn after finding narwhal tusks washed up on beaches.

(Purchase the pattern from Eskimimi Makes)

9. Seahorses are very unique in the world of parenting – it’s the male who gives birth to the babies!

(Mygurumi has this pattern available for purchase)

10. Crochet a selection of appliqué jellyfish to use as embellishment on your other crafty endeavours.

(Take a look at You Can Make This to buy the pattern)

11. Forget Ariel – Merdith the Mermaid and Stella the Starfish are ready to go on an underwater adventure!

(Head over to Ravelry to buy the pattern)

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