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Issue 176


Santa & Friends Knit Kit, Santa, Arm (page 1)

Cast off at the end of the Arm section. 


Floki the Scandi Gnome (page 43)

Pattern for Feet is misnumbered after row 11, work from Row 1 as folls:
[tickbox] Row 1: p to end 
[tickbox] Row 2 (RS): * k1, kfb, rep from * to end. 18 sts 
[tickbox] Rows 3-11: work nine rows in st st 
[tickbox] Row 12: k2tog at each end of the row 
[tickbox] Row 13: p to end 
[tickbox] Rows 14-17: rep Rows 12-13 twice more 
[tickbox] Rows 18-19: work two rows in st st 
[tickbox] Row 20: kfb at each end of the row 
[tickbox] Row 21: p to end 
[tickbox] Rows 22-25: rep Rows 20-21 twice more 
[tickbox] Rows 26-34: work nine rows in st st 
[tickbox]Row 35: * k1, k2tog, rep from * to end. 12 sts 
[tickbox] Row 36: p to end 
[tickbox] Cast off

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