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Star Wars BB-8 Blanket Knitting Pattern

Star Wars BB-8 Blanket

Designer: Tanis Gray

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One of the breakout characters of The Force Awakens, BB-8was a new kind of droid in the Star Wars saga. A ball-shaped astromech droid specialising in ship repair and navigation, his unique orange-and-white spherical shape lends itself to travelling at high speeds. His tool-bay discs allow him to hide an array of tools and weapons inside his body. Belonging to Resistance leader Poe Dameron, BB-8 is a fiercely loyal, brave and important member of the group, aiding them in many missions and delivering comic relief.Using only the simple knit stitch, this blanket is worked in long vertical strips. Each strip is mattress stitched together, creating a pixelated version of everyone’s favourite new droid. Size the blanket up or down by simply changing the yarn weight and needle size, and snuggle away.

Star Wars Knitting the Galaxy by Tanis Gray is published by Pavilion. Photographs by Tyler Chartier.

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Tanis Gray

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