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7 Reasons To Be Excited For Wool Week

7 Reasons To Be Excited For Wool Week

Read all about why you should be getting involved with Wool Week 2016!

1. Wool is great

First and foremost, wool is amazing, therefore Wool Week is also amazing. Wool is soft, it comes in a range of colours, and it’s weather resistant (which is important when you live in the UK!) You can use it to knit everything you could ever want, within reason of course. It’s a renewable fibre source, its biodegradable, and its natural. We really, really love wool here at LK, and if you’re a knitter, you should too!

2. A knitted BnB

Everything, literally everything in this BnB is made from wool. This includes the décor, the fashion, and even the milk bottle. This, presumably warm, house is located in London, and will be open for the entirety of Wool Week. Overnight stays will be offered thereafter for all you wool lovers out there! If you’re keen to find out how a woollen stuffed mattress holds up, this is the place for you.

3. Exclusive patterns

Companies both large and small are getting into the swing of Wool Week. Have a peek at this elegant Ganny Lock pattern from Baa Baa Brighouse, who are coinciding this beautiful design launch with Wool Week! If you’re keen to knit-along with the nation to make this beautiful piece then sign up at the website here.

4. Woolly Hat day!

Campaign for Wool has teamed up with the honourable Mission to Seafarers once again. This amazing charity aids seafarers across the world during difficult times, all whilst wearing wool! You can get involved by hosting your own Woolly Hat event, or attending one nearby! We’re thinking of fashioning our embarrassing Christmas hats this year, how about you? Donate to this worthy cause by texting WOOL11 £3, £5 OR £10 to 70070!

5. A woolly map!

Okay, not literally. But if you’re keen to see what’s going on in your local area, then this map is perfect. Access it by visiting the website here to see what you can get involved in! If you’re interested in workshops, knitting days and fibre festivals, then this is an essential!

6. Learn to spin wool

Selvedge is hosting a ‘Wool Symposium’ where guests will be given the opportunity to listen to designers from various parts of the world talk about wool (hoorah). But the part LK is most excited about it learning to spin wool. The fibre tasting session provided by Selvedge will teach you to spin fleece using a drop spindle, pretty exciting we think! And you even get to keep your creation, so you can show off all your hard work to your fellow knitters! Buy tickets online at the Selvedge website

7. Knitted interiors

The ‘Baaatique Hotel’ from Chelsea Harbour’s Design Centre in London is set to showcase woollen luxury in a hotel setting. With rooms such as the ‘Not Counting Sheep Bedroom’ on offer, visitors can appreciate the beautiful quality woollen fabrics and carpets on display! If you’ve ever wondered what a woollen hotel might incorporate, this is the place to find out!

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For more information, please visit Wool Week’s website at

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