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14 Simple Summer Knits

14 Simple Summer Knits

Even if you’re a pro knitter, simple, minimalistic shapes with little or no shaping are the new trend in the world of fashionable knitting. And hey, let’s be honest, sometimes you just want a straightforward pattern to help you wind down with a cup of tea (or a glass of wine) at the end of a long week. So here’s a selection of our favourites for you to try even if you’ve only just learnt one end of a needle from the other. We think they’re hip, fab, trendy, hot to trot!

1. Shopper
So chic, you’ll have the paparazzi running after you!
Wool And The Gang0
(Wool and The Gang)

2. Baby Pullover
Come on, babies in knitwear = cutest thing ever!
Lion Brand
(Lion Brand)

3. Beach Top
Yes, knitwear DOES belong on a beach
Let's Knit
(Let’s Knit)

4. Headband
For those ‘what on earth is my hair doing?’ days
Sheep & Stitch
(Sheep and Stitch)

5. Easy Blanket
Picture this: you, tea, blanket, knitting, Downtown Abbey. Heaven!
Toft Alpaca
(The Toft Alpaca)

6. Honey Cowl
It might look fancy but it’s actually super easy
Madeline Tosh
(Madeline Tosh)

7. Baby Dress
A special little something for a special little lady
The Purl Bee
(The Purl Bee)

8. Baby Bootees
Itty bitty bootees for itty bitty babies
Matildas Meadow
(Matildas Meadow)

9. Tea Cosy
Because tea gets cold in summer too you know!
Handy Little Me
(Handy Little Me)

10. Shawl
The first step to instricate lace ones is a simple garter stitch one
Brown Eyed Knitter
(Brown Eyed Knitter)

11. Slippers
Becuase even feet deserve a bit of knitted luxury
Wool Couture Company
(Wool Couture Company)

12. Baskets
Super useful and brilliantly easy

13. Bunting
Who doesn’t love bunting?
Make Ready
(Make Ready)

14. Bangles
Pretty knitted bling that doesn’t cost a fortune
Love Knitting
(Love Knitting)

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