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10 patterns perfect for summer picnics

10 patterns perfect for summer picnics

All hail the glorious sunshine! There’s nothing quite like British summertime and us Brits know how to make the most of warm afternoons and lushious green parks in bloom while they last. So we’ve put together a little selection of summer picnic essentials to help you celebrate the sunshine in knitted (and crocheted) style.

1. LK Blanket
Outdoor dining is not complete without a traditional blanket.
(This is a Let’s Knit pattern)

2. Place mats
Add a bit of poshness to a picnic with place mats
Place mats
(Find the pattern at Yarnspirations)

3. Foods
A selection of knitted delicacies to tempt your tastebuds
(Thank you Jean Greenhowe for this one)

4. Napkin & glass set
Seedy little makes for stylish dining
(Our friends at Love Knitting have this pattern)

5. Umbrella
Shield yourself from the glaring sun and save your food from dropping leave
(This pattern is from Knitty)

6. Sun hat
They say only mad dogs and Englishmen go out in the midday sun
Sun hat
(A sensible pattern from Lion Brand)

7. Homemaker Ice creams
Delicious, sweet creaminess that won’t melt all over you.
Ice creams
(Lovely Homemaker have this pattern)

8. Champagne
Pop the cork and enjoy a little bubbly. Who needs a reason to celebrate!
(Crochet away at Squirrel Picnic)

9. Bunting
And in true British style, bright bunting
LK Bunting
(Find this one our website)

10. Sun
The sun can be a rare sight in Britain. Make your own to take with you!
(Shine bright at Mummle Jummble)

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