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10 FREE patterns for fabulous flowers

10 FREE patterns for fabulous flowers

Our round up of our favourite easy and free flower knitting patterns!

All around us, beautiful summery blooms are popping up everywhere, so we thought it was about time we rounded up our favourite flower patterns to inspire the green thumb in all you knitters. Knit a flower in the garden on a sunny afternoon and it will last forever! Whether you’re looking for a daisy, a rose or want to make a whole bouquet, we’ve found something to suit everyone, from beginners to seasoned knitters!

1. Itty-bitty Daisies


This sweet daisy knitting pattern would make very cute hair accessories! Our pals at Love Knitting have this pattern.

2. Oh-so-pretty Roses

These brilliant blooms can be made into fridge magnets! The free pattern is available here

3. Glitter Galore

Pink yellow flower

Perfect for headbands or other accessories, follow the step-by-step for this glittery piece at The Yarn Art Cafe.

4. Positively Glowing

Brighten up your knit (literally) with this free pattern, which features a little light! Find it at On The Needles

5. Crochet Rose


Add an element of crochet with this gorgeous free rose pattern. It’s always a good time to expand your skills! Find the crochet rose pattern at Meli Bondre

6. Super Simple

Dogwood blossoms

Make every colour in the rainbow - perfect for beginners, these pretty flowers are quick and easy! Find the free flower pattern at Purlavenue

7. Flip Flop Flowers


Hop to Lovecrafts to give your summer shoes a makeover with this easy flower pattern!

8. Mixed-skill Blooms

Knit a carnation, lily and rose, and crochet a forget-me-not and simple small flower to complete the set! Find the free pattern for these small flowers


9. Elegant Daffodils

Brighten up the place with these happy, yellow plants. (Hobbycraft gives you the how to.

10. Lovely Lilies

So close to real life you can almost smell it! Find the free lily pattern here.

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