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How to work: picot edge cast off

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Picots are small points at an edge that add a pretty touch to homewares and other items, such as shawls or collars. There are various ways to work the stitches, and this simple method is worked when casting off your knitting.

A neat picot cast off will have regularly spaced peaks to create the decorative effect, and the overall look will vary depending on the type of yarn used and how closely spaced the points are. Finer yarns will produce smaller points, and you can adjust the spacing by simply casting off more stitches between picots.
At the beginning of your cast-off row start by casting on two stitches using the cable cast on method as follows: insert the right-hand needle between the first two stitches on the left-hand needle, wrap the yarn as though to knit the stitch, then pull the loop through and twist it as usual to place it on the left-hand needle.
When two stitches have been cast on, knit and cast off the next four stitches to make the first picot while casting off at the same time. Slip the single stitch on the right-hand needle back onto the left-hand needle.
Carry on along the row, first by casting on two stitches with a cable cast on, then casting off four, and finishing with slipping the single stitch back onto the left-hand needle.
When one stitch remains on the right-hand needle, cut the yarn and pull through the remaining loop to finish the cast off. The small hole beneath each one is part of this stitch effect.
This version will result in a picot on every other stitch, so casting off 14 stitches will result in seven picots.
To help define the points, blocking the pieces and be sure to pin out the points evenly.


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