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What is a Knitalong?

It’s simple! A knitalong is where hundreds of knitters simultaneously work together on the same project – it's one big community event! Each week, a new part of the pattern is added to Let’s Knit Together and you’ll have an entire week to complete it before the next part. Don’t worry, there are no rules anywhere to say that you can’t be a few weeks behind.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a knitalong?

    A knitalong is a project that’s broken down into several smaller patterns. It’s a great way to take on a new large project without being overwhelmed! When you join a Let’s Knit Together knitalong you’ll find a new instalment of the pattern added to our site each week, ready for you to cast on the next part. What’s more, you’ll get to share your weekly progress with club members and the LKT team.

  • Why should I join a knitalong?

    A knitalong is a great way to join your fellow crafters! Plus, if you get stuck, you’ve got a whole community of knitters who are working on the same project and will be able to help guide you through. It’s also a great way to keep you motivated to get those WIPs finished. So many of us have unfinished projects laying around and the beauty of a knitalong means that you can work on it in small sections until it’s all done!

  • Where do I find knitalong patterns?

    Visit the knitalong section of our website to see our many projects. From blankets to toys, and wreaths to homewares, there’s something for everyone.

  • What is provided as part of a knitalong?

    Before any new knitalong launches, we give you full details of the yarn and equipment you’ll need to take part via email. So when Part One drops, you’re ready to cast on!

  • How long does a knitalong last?

    How long does a knitalong last? This depends on the project. Some are as short as two parts and will be complete within a fortnight, larger projects, such as blankets and wreaths could be seven parts long and will take you a couple of months to finish.

  • Can beginners take part?

    We aim to make our knitalongs suitable for all abilities. If you get stuck, dive into our how-to videos for some expert advice from our team. Or you can reach out on the private Facebook group for tips on how to tackle anything you’re finding tricky - there’s always someone on hand to help.

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