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The Mystery Blanket Challenge Square Four: Duplicate Stitch

Rosie Fletcher
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Rosie Fletcher

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So far the squares of our mystery blanket have been all about texture – but this time we’re adding a little colour, instead. After knitting the basic square, you’re going to be using duplicate stitch to mimic complex-looking colourwork, without the effort – so this is another square that new knitters can master in no time.

Duplicate stitch is a clever technique in which you thread a tapestry needle with a length of contrasting yarn and embroider over the top of your knit stitches, to add colourful designs that look like part of the fabric. It’s an easy way to mimic complicated colourwork and is ideal for adding detail to your projects. You might want to have your separate colours threaded on individual needles to make this quicker and easier to achieve.


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