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The Mystery Blanket Challenge Square Eight: Horizontal Stocking Stitch

Rosie Fletcher
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Rosie Fletcher

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With so many different stitches to choose from, sometimes it’s nice to just keep things simple. That’s why this week we decided to work a square of easy stocking stitch stripes. As with all our blanket squares, this one features a garter stitch border on all four edges, which helps to stop the shape from shrinking up too much.

This horizontal stocking stitch stripe pattern is a combination of stocking stitch and reverse stocking stitch and you may also come across it as cartridge stitch. It is often used on wrist warmers, hats and other projects that need a good stretch to them – it’s a really handy technique to have in your knitty arsenal for future creations! Make sure you watch Rosie’s video carefully and you’ll soon have the hang of this versatile technique.


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