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How To Work a Drop Stitch (y2rn)

video by

Neti Love & Julie Peasgood

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This elongated and attractive stitch produces a bohemian effect, perfect for easy lacy wraps or tops. Not to be confused with accidentally dropping stitches, this type of drop stitch refers to extra loops wrapped around the needle that are dropped on the next row. It creates an interesting texture, especially when worked in bands between other stitches, and is really easy to do.

Smooth yarns work better than woolly ones, which can obscure the effect, but this is a lovely stitch for an airy summer cardi, especially when worked between rows of another stitch that emphasise the elongated stitch.

It is a two-row effect, so on the first row, instead of the usual knit stitch with one wrap around the needle on each stitch, you will work two wraps in each stitch. In a pattern, this stitch may also be shown as ‘y2rn’ for yarn twice round needle or may also be called a wrap stitch. This doubles the number of loops along the row.

On the next row, knit the first loop as the stitch and allow the second loop to drop off the needle. Avoid tightening the elongated stitch. Repeat this action along the row to return to the original number of stitches, and create a row of attractive dropped stitches. That’s it!


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