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How to: Backward loop cast on

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If you need a cast on in a hurry, especially one that may be hidden by fringing or using waste yarn, this simple method using just one needle and your thumb is quick and easy and leaves a soft, almost loose edge.

For a backward loop cast on, first make a slip knot and place it on the needle held in your right hand. This will count as your first cast on stitch.
Hold the working yarn in your left hand and push your thumb under strand so the working yarn is held across to the front. Hold your thumb put slightly to help tension the strand, as in a thumb tail cast on.
Bring the needle up and under the strand yarn at front of thumb and slip it off thumb to place a loop on the needle. Repeat this simple action to cast on as many stitches as needed, maintaining an even tension throughout.
Bear in mind that when you come to knit these cast on stitches, they will not behave in quite the same way as ones cast on with more twists, so take care to work the first row evenly and according to your pattern.


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