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The Mystery Blanket Challenge Square One: Double Moss Stitch

Baby blankets and accessories
Rosie Fletcher
video by

Rosie Fletcher

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Welcome to Part One of our Mystery Blanket Challenge! We all love surprises, and in this mystery knitalong from designer Rosie Fletcher you’re guaranteed a treat each and every week. Join Rosie in our video hub, where piece by piece, she’ll be revealing a collection of 12 patchwork squares that are sewn together in part 12 to create the beautiful Bees and Blooms blanket. There’s lots of different design elements to enjoy, and with our helpful video guides, even absolute beginners can join in the fun. Let’s get started with Double Moss Stitch - a combination of knit and purl that creates a fabulous checkered effect.

You'll start by casting on 52 stitches - remember to check out our other videos if you need a reminder of this first step!


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