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Designer profile: Susie Johns

Designer profile: Susie Johns

Tea or coffee? We get to know one of LK’s longest-running designers, Susie Johns.

Name: Susie Johns

Speciality: Novelties, toys and accessories.

Website or blog:

Knitting since: I was a child.

Favourite yarn: Anything natural and colourful.

Best knitting memory: My grandmother, Nana May, teaching me to crochet granny squares.

Favourite gift to knit for others: A lovely warm sweater.

Favourite Let’s Knit pattern: Miriam, issue 27, February 2010 (above). The first thing I ever knitted, when I was an art student, was a rainbow striped cardigan and this pattern can be made with all kinds of double-knitting oddments and scraps.

Guilty pleasure: The weekly pub quiz and a couple of pints of real ale

Tea or coffee: Coffee. I’ve never had a cup of tea in my life!

Favourite dessert: Sherry Trifle

Favourite song: In these shoes? by Kirsty MacColl

Perfect day: A picnic on the beach with my three children and their partners

Projects usually in progress: I’ll admit to three or four. Actually, it can be as many as ten or 12!

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