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Interview With Fibre Artist Erin Eileen Black

Interview With Fibre Artist Erin Eileen Black

I have always been interested in the way that people interact with interior spaces. I believe that our homes can both reflect and dictate how we feel. Hand-knit items add softness, comfort and an undeniable feeling of love to a space, and honestly, who wouldn’t want to come home to that? My inspiration mostly comes from family and friends. I designed the Kid’s Room in my book, specifically the Panda Throw Blanket, for my kids, whilst the Guest Bedroom designs were inspired by my mum’s love of lace. I am an English style knitter who doesn’t play by the rules. I prefer easy stitch patterns combined in modern ways and I am a huge fan of quick-finish projects (hence my love of chunky yarns and multiple strands held together as one).

For someone who has focused her life around such a slow craft, I actually have quite a short attention span when it comes to finishing my projects. This led me to focus on big needle knits and easy-to learn stitch patterns. Using big needles really speeds up the amount of time it takes to knit an afghan. I am so proud of all the projects in my book, that choosing just one doesn’t seem fair! However, I am thrilled with the way the Herringbone Throw Blanket turned out. I love the marled look of the two different coloured yarns held together in the classic herringbone pattern. I was taught to both knit and crochet by my granny. Although crochet was my first love (we started with the less daunting option of only having to work with a single hook) knitting quickly became tied for first when I picked up a set of needles a few months later.

My favourite thing about knitting is that I find the rhythm in both the motion and sound of the needles really soothing. I sometimes sit with my eyes closed while I knit and find it is one of my most peaceful exercises. My top tip for new knitters is to be brave! Dropped stitches and unintentional increases are design features that can add character to your projects. The less worried you are about perfection, the more relaxed you will be and the more fun you will have learning.

Designer Knit Home features 24 gorgeous patterns in chunky yarn. Each project has been designed to coordinate within seven room-by-room looks that you will love to live in. The book costs £15.95 from

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