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How to: avoid accidental increases

Lesson • Troubleshooting • 04:32 • Beginner

It can be easy to create extra stitches, either by splitting your yarn or with extra yarn overs on your needle, so here are the telltale signs to watch out for.


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What you need

What you need

Your knitting; plus a crochet hook

Course Description

Got your knitting in a pickle? Not a problem. Let’s take a look at a few common beginner mistakes and how to fix them and rescue your knitting

Meet your instructors

  • How to: avoid accidental increases Knitting Video

    Julie Peasgood

    Julie is an actress and presenter just starting out on her knitting journey

  • How to: avoid accidental increases Knitting Video

    Neti Love

    Neti is your resident knitting expert who knows the ins and out of all things yarn

Practical Guides

  • Take care when working with loosely twisted yarns, as it is easy for your knitting needle to split this type of strand.

  • Accidental increases can be very noticeable, especially in a smooth stocking stitch fabric, so it’s usually best to rectify them and be able to keep to the pattern. Having extra stitches will make your knitting wider, so if you’re piecing two sections together you may end up with a slightly gathered edge to get them to fit. If you’ve carried on knitting along the row, work back by unpicking (tinking) your stitches one by one. The best way to do this is to insert the left-hand needle into the loop under the knit stitch on the right-hand needle from front to back and transfer it back to the left-hand needle. This avoids twisting any stitches. The stitch that was on the right-hand needle will be undone, and you’ll need to tighten the slack working yarn every couple of stitches.

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