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How to: work two-needle cast on

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This method of casting on creates a strong and neat edge as a start to your make, and is worked in a very similar way to the knit stitch – easy for all knitters.

Practical Guides:

When totting up your stitches, remember to count the slip knot you made at the very beginning.

Aim to cast on with an even action so that your stitches are the same size on your needle - not too tight and not too loose. With practice you may find you don't need to take the right-hand needle out to transfer the stitch, but instead just slide it round to be underneath the left-hand needle to make the next loop. If you forget to lift the new loop off in the way shown, which twists the stitch, the cast-on edge won’t have such a defined edge and is more likely to curl. If you have to cast on a lot of stitches in one go, or are using a fluffy yarn that is difficult to see, slip a stitch marker onto your left-hand needle every 15 stitches so you don't have to count from the beginning every time. You can simply take the stitch marker off the needle when you come to it again. Now you're ready to start knitting!

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