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How to: make pom-poms

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Who doesn’t love a pom-pom? Whether as the finishing touch for a hat, edge decorations for a cushion, or a fab all-over pom-pom wreath, knowing how to make the perfect pom-pom is a skill we can all enjoy. Quick and satisfying, with endless variations, let’s make pom-poms.

Practical Guides:

As long as you've got some yarn, scissors and cardboard, you'll be able to create the perfect pom-pom. Although having a maker is handy, it's just as easy without. To create your own, take two matching rings with a central hole made out of stiff card or old plastic, ensuring there is a narrow slit big enough for wool. When creating your pom-pom, have a think about how you'd like it to look before you begin. Do you want it big or small? Would you like varying colours? Which wool type will you be using?

Wrap the yarn evenly around the rings, going through what will be the centre each time, until the centre is full. Work around one side then the other. If you're using a maker, you may be able to lock it to create a full circle. The homemade version can be a bit more fiddly, so it's easier to start in the middle, then work to either side. Once you’ve filled all around, prepare your tie before you cut the wraps. Insert sharp scissors between the sides of the maker, using the groove as a guide to snip all the way around the edge. Slide your slip knot into the groove and tighten as much as possible. Carefully remove the maker, then neaten your pom-pom with scissors. 

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