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How to: read a pattern

Lesson 2 • Little Birdie Blanket Knitalong • 07:05 • Beginner

Let's take a look around a typical pattern to see the type of information it contains, from equipment and how much yarn, to the stitches and making up.

Little Birdie Blanket Knitalong

Course Overview



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What you need

What you need

Your knitalong pattern; 4mm straight needles, 3.75mm circular needles in 60cm, 80cm and 100cm lengths; DK yarn; Stitch markers; Cable needle

Course Description

The perfect accompaniment to your Little Birdie Blanket knitalong - explore this video course that shows you how to complete many of the techniques used in the knitalong. From the basics of reading a pattern and chart, to working garter stitch, knitting a bobble and making cables, Julie Peasgood and Neti Love are here for you.

Meet your instructors

  • Julie Peasgood

    Julie is an actress and presenter just starting out on her knitting journey

  • How to: read a pattern Knitting Video

    Neti Love

    Neti is your resident knitting expert who knows the ins and out of all things yarn

Practical Guides

  • If you get stuck in a pattern and start to lose heart, don't give up! Just put it to one side for a couple of days, maybe ask for some help, and you'll return to it with renewed enthusiasm.

  • Knitting from a pattern takes all the guesswork out of how to make a project, whether it's something new for your wardrobe or a special gift for someone else. Patterns may look daunting but they are broken down into manageable chunks, so just take your time on an initial read through to get an idea of what's involved in each one. A new pattern is the best way to add new stitches and techniques to your repertoire, as well as trying out different yarns, so to make sure a pattern is right for you, here is a simple checklist to help you decide. Can I get the yarn and equipment easily? - Don’t forget your local yarn shop for great advice or online store for easy delivery. Do I understand the pattern? - Remember you can look up abbreviations, watch videos, ask friends and even practise any tricky bits with spare yarn. When do I need to get it done by? - If time may be an issue, choose something smaller. Enjoy exploring our pattern collection, and remember, it's fine to have more than one pattern on the go at a time, in fact, it can feel quite therapeutic to have a change...

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