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zelda Knitting Pattern


Add some sparkle with this lovely beaded purse


Pouch (make two)
Using yarn A, cast on 25sts
? Work in st st until the work meas 8cm
? On the next ten rows, dec one st at the beg of each row until 15sts are left
? Cast off

Looped edging
Thread the 4mm beads onto yarn B, alternating the colours. Cast on four sts
? Row 1: (RS) k1, make beaded loop (see Knit Wise tip), k2
? Row 2: slip 1, k3
? Repeat rows 1 and 2 until the work is long enough to sit around the curved edge of the pouch

Making Up
Using duplicate st, decorate the pouch. To do this, thread a tapestry needle with yarn B. Bring the threaded needle through the work from back to

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