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Tammy Knitting Pattern


Designer: Amanda Walker

Use a Wonder Knitter to make Tammy, a funky necklace from Amanda Walker

Sparkly, stylish and oh-so-simple, this unusual accessory is a brilliant way to jazz up a plain outfit. Bold, statement necklaces are a great focal point and help draw the eye away from less flattering areas. Tammy is made using the Clover Wonder Knitter but a similar effect could be created with a French knitting dolly. This project is ideal for using up oddments of yarn too. Once you've finished this necklace, why not experiment with different fibres to create some more unusual pieces?


Using the six pin disc on your wonder knitter, cast on using the silver yarn as folls: Place the yarn end through the centre of the cylinder. Hold the end whilst you wrap the yarn around each pin clockwise. Place the yarn into the holder guide
? Turn the disc clockwise to the next stitch, placing the yarn above the stitch on the pin, place the knitting hook under the stitch, hook the yarn above then pull it down and over the top of the stitch and pin towards the centre of the disc
? Turn the disc to the next pin and stitch, rep the process
? Cont in this manner until tube of knitting meas 34cm
? To cast off, cut the yarn leaving a tail of approximately 15cm. Work in the same clockwise order, placing the yarn above the stitch on the pin, hook the yarn under the stitch, pull the yarn right through the stitch then turn the disc and repeat on the next stitch.
Carefully hook all the stitches off the pins and gently pull the knitted tube through the cylinder
? Place four metal beads inside the open end of the tube and then pull the yarn end tightly to seal the tube
? Rep the whole process, this time knitting a 36cm tube and placing five metal beads inside
? Next make a 35cm tube using the green and silver yarn without beads
NOTE: hold the yarns together and treat the two as one

To make up

Arrange and match the ends of the tubes then sandwich the ends inside the metal cord end and clamp shut using a pair of pliers. Rep the process on the other side of the tubes and trim away yarn ends. Grip a jump ring with the two pairs of pliers and twist open, do not pull. Hook it onto one of the cord ends. Attach a 15cm length of silver chain and close the jump ring. Rep the process attaching another 15cm length of chain. Fix a jump ring to the ends of the chain and attach the lobster fastening to one side. Finally arrange the beads inside the silver tubes.

“I remember knitting like this as a child; my first knitting dolly was made
from a wooden cotton reel with small nails hammered into the top to create
the pins”

Length: approx 38cm excluding chain

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