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rita Knitting Pattern


Designer: Amanda Walker

Scrub up in style with this gorgeous faux felted sponge bag from Amanda Walker


Measure 50cm of yarn and set aside for use later on Cast on 35sts
? Row 1: p to end
? Row 2: k to end
? Row 3: p, inc one st at each end of the row
? *Starting with a k row, work in st st for next five rows
? Row 9: p, inc one st at each end of the row
? Rep from * six times
? Row 46: k to end
? Row 47: p to end
? Row 48: cast off eight sts at each end of the row
? Starting with a p rwo, work in st st for next 15 rows
? Row 64: cast on and k eight sts, k to end of the row, cast on eight sts to left hand needle (with yarn set aside earlier), k these eight sts onto end of 64th row
? Row 65: p to end
? Row 66: *k, dec one st at each end of row
? Starting with a p row, work in st st for next five rows
? Rep from * six times
? Row 107: dec one st at each end of the row
? Row 108: k to end
? Row 109: p to end of row
? Cast off

Making up

Press your knitting and use it as a template to cut out the same shape in your lining fabric. The four angled edges of your work will make the side seams of the sponge bag, with the narrower straight section in the centre as the base gusset.

Fold your knitting in half, matching the right-hand side seams together and the left-hand side seams together. The two sides should exactly mirror each other. Stitch the two side hems - there will be two holes at the base of each.

Find the centre of each side of the gusset, and mark with pins. Fasten the base of each of the side seams to this central point. Working on the right-hand side first, lay the seam flat along the width of the gusset. Stitch across the step at the base of the side seam and the edge of the gusset, sealing one of the holes. Repeat on the left-hand side of the bag, and then turn the bag to the right side.

Repeat this process with your lining fabric. Do not turn this fabric bag to the right side, but place inside your knitted bag. Stitch the two together around the top, close to the edge.

Stitch each side of the zip to the back and front top of the bag, leaving a 1cm gap at each edge, away from the side seam.

Make two loops from the cotton binding and position these on the top of each side seam. Attach the binding to the top of the bag, concealing all the raw edges inside.

Make a tassel. Start by wrapping a length of spare yarn around a piece of card several times. With a tapestry needle, thread another piece of yarn through the wrapped thread and tie securely; pull through a decorative bead and attach it to the zip pull. Trim to the desired length.

Keep it simple

Boucle yarn can often be difficult to work with – it’s fluffy, loopy and disguises stitch definitions, making it difficult to see your work clearly. If you’re new to boucle, try practising first with large needles and a simple stitch – garter or stocking stitch would be fine.

21.5cm (width) x 15cm (height) x 7cm (depth)

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