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Richard Knitting Pattern


Keep your fella feeling snug in this fab hat from new LK Designer Diana Clarke

Some men are determined to get cold during the winter months – it's a macho thing – but this simple yet stylish hat might just tempt him to wrap up warm. The silver shade used is masculine and makes a great change from boring old black. We've opted for a waffle stitch pattern which adds texture without being too fussy.


Using 5mm circular or double-pointed needles cast on 76 sts. Join in the rnd, pm to show beg of rnd

  • Rnd 1: (k2, p2) to end
  • Rep last rnd 11 more times
  • Beg patt as folls:
  • Rnds 1-2: k
  • Rnds 3-4: (k2, p2) to end
  • Rep patt Rnds 1-4 until hat meas 18cm ending on a patt Rnd 2
  • Next rnd: (k2, p2tog) to end. 57 sts
  • Next rnd: (k2, p1) to end
  • K two rnds
  • Next rnd: (k2tog, p1) to end. 38 sts
  • Next rnd: (k1, p1) to end
  • K two rnds
  • Next rnd: (k1, k2tog) to last two sts, k2. 26 sts
  • Next rnd: k
  • Next rnd: (k2tog) to end. 13 sts
  • Next rnd: k
  • Next rnd: k1, (k2tog) to end. Seven sts
  • Next rnd: k
  • Cut yarn leaving a 25cm tail, thread tail through rem seven sts, pull tight and fasten off

Measurements & sizes
To fit:  average man’s head

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