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Long Story Knitting Pattern

Long Story

Designer: Anniken Allis

Our striking Thora scarf by Anniken Allis is knitted sideways on circular needles

Our Thora scarf by Anniken Allis is fabulously long and is knitted in a luxurious blend of lambswool, silk and mohair. It features an easy lace pattern that is perfect for beginners and a fringe which is added at the end of every row. If you'd like a shorter version, simply cast on fewer stitches, making sure the total number of stitches is still a multiple of 10 + 3.


?Using 4mm needle cast on 403 sts
?Commence Chart (see below for written instructions for Chart)
?NOTE: at the end of every row, leave a loop meas 12cm when doubled (24cm in total), then start next row (these will be cut at centre of loop and knotted together at the end)
?Work 56 rows or until scarf is desired width
?Cast off using a stretchy, cast off (see picture below)


?NOTE: patt rep is in brackets
?Row 1: k1, (k2, yfwd, k2, ssk, k2tog, k2, yfwd), k2
?Row 2: p to end
?Row 3: k1, (k1, yfwd, k2, ssk, k2tog, k2, yfwd, k1), k2
?Rep Row 2

Fast and loose
As the cast-off edge of Thora runs the entire length of the scarf, it needs to be loose so it does not distort the shape of the garment. A suitable cast off technique to use is the lacy cast off. This produces a very stretchy yet neat edge. Here’s how you do it: k2, * insert LH needle through front of two sts on RH needle and k them together, k1, rep from *

Scarf: 22cm x 244cm

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