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ila & alka Knitting Pattern

ila & alka

Pay a visit to your local haberdashers to create these colourful accessories

With these pretty adornments from designer Lucinda Ganderton, you’ll find that even the humblest of hardware can be transformed into funky jewellery to co-ordinate with your spring wardrobe. Rummage around in your local tool shop, haberdashers or DIY superstore for a selection of rings and washers and combine them with embroidery thread to create necklaces, brooches and bracelets to suit any occasion.


? Using the method described above, cover eight 12mm rings in yarn A, one in yarn B and one in yarn C. Cover the large curtain ring in yarn B.
? Using yarn B and the Flower Motif pattern as described for Alka, create flower petals around the 12mm ring covered in yarn C

To make up ? Place the 12mm yarn B ring inside the curtain ring and stitch together
? Position and stitch the eight rings covered in yarn A around the outside edge of the curtain ring as pictured, and sew to secure
? Stitch the flower to this backing and sew the brooch pin securely to the back of the brooch


? Using the method described above, cover the rings randomly with the threads. As the colour pattern of this project is meant to be random, it does not matter which order they go in

To make up
? Using sewing cotton held double, thread the sewing needle through the outside edge of one of the rings
? Thread a green bead onto the cotton, and pass the needle through the outside edge of a second ring
? Work at least five more stitches through the bead to join securely
? Fasten off the thread, and join the other rings in the same way, placing a bead between each
? Finally, thread the remaining beads onto the ribbon, and attach the ends of the ribbon to the first and last rings in the sequence.

Basic Technique: How to cover a ring

Each ring is covered with a single round of double-crochet sts, in the same way that you may cover a round of chain stitches at the start of a project that’s worked in the round.
? Make a slip knot and put this over your hook. Hold the loose end of the thread against the ring - you will be working the sts over the loose yarn as well as the ring itself.
? Hold the working yarn behind the ring and draw it through the centre with the hook. Draw the yarn through both loops on the hook to make a double-crochet stitch (dc).
? Continue working dc until the ring is completely covered and finish off the yarn by drawing it through the last loop. Thread the end through a tapestry needle and run it through the back of the stitches for about 2cm, then trim close to the stitches.

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