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Heart cushion Knitting Pattern

Heart cushion

Designer: Sarah Hazell

Feel the love with Sarah Hazell's heartfelt knit for the home

Heart-shaped homewares aren't just for Valentine's day but we thought this issue was the perfect opportunity to present Sarah Hazell's fabulous cushion. The sheen of the silk blend yarn adds an extra touch of glam and it's actually quite easy to knit. The construction is a little unusual though so read the Knit wise panel before you begin.

Cushion panel (make two)

NOTE: worked from top down. Beg with peaks of heart then join tog before making main piece

Using 5mm needles, cast on six sts
. Row 1: k
. Row 2: k2, m1, k to last two sts, m1, k2. Eight sts
. Cont to inc one st at each end of every row as set until there are 16 sts
. Next row (RS): cast on two sts at beg of row, k to end
. Rep last row until there are 24 sts
. K two rows
. Next row: k2, m1, k to last two sts, m1, k2. 26 sts
. Next row: k
. Rep last two rows until there are 30 sts
. K five rows
Cut yarn and slide all sts to far end of LH needle
. Work second peak to match on same needle, do not break yarn

. Joining row: k across all sts working last st of first peak and first st of second peak together. 59 sts
. K three rows
. Next row: cast on two sts at beg of row, k to end. 61 sts
. Rep last row once. 63 sts
. K two rows
. Next row: k2, m1, k to last two sts, m1, k2. 65 sts
. K 19 rows
. Next row (RS): k2, skpo, k to last four sts, k2tog, k2. 63 sts
. K two rows
. Next row (WS): k2, k2tog, k to last four sts, k2tog tbl, k2. 61 sts
. K two rows
. Work decs as set on every third row until three sts rem
. Cast off

To make up

Weave in any loose ends. Place RS of work together and join with backstitch, leaving an opening at one side for cushion pad or stuffing. Close gap with backstitch.

How this project is worked
Aphrodite is made in two pieces but while many hearts are worked from the bottom up, this one is worked from the top down, starting at the two peaks. Work the first peak, then slide all the stitches to the far end of your LH needle and cast on for the second peak. Knit this, ending with all the sts on the same needle, then work across both sets of stitches before continuing down to the point.

Aphrodite: 37cm at widest point x 43cm at longest point

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