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Dora Knitting Pattern


Designer: Sian Brown

Cosy up with a heart-warming hot water bottle cover by Sian Brown

In preparation for the chilly nights ahead, a hot water bottle cover is the ideal project for this time of year, and also a nifty gift idea for the Christmas list!

Side Panel (make two)

Using 5mm needles cast on 48 sts

  • K one row
  • Row 1 (WS): p
  • Row 2: p
  • Row 3: k9, p2, (k12, p2) twice, k9
  • Row 4: k1, p7, C2F, C2B, (p10, C2F, C2B) twice, p7, k1
  • Row 5: k8, p4, (k10, p4) twice, k8
  • Row 6: k1, p6, C2F, k2, C2B, (p8, C2F, k2, C2B) twice, p6, k1
  • Row 7: k7, p6, (k8, p6) twice, k7
  • Row 8: k1, p5, C2F, k4, C2B, (p6, C2F, k4, C2B) twice, p5, k1
  • Row 9: k6, (p8, k6) three times
  • Row 10: k1, p4, (C2F, k6, C2B, p4) three times, k1
  • Row 11: k5, (p10, k4) three times, k1
  • Row 12: k1, p4, (k3, T2B, T2F, k3, p4) three times, k1
  • Row 13: k5, (p4, k2, p4, k4) three times, k1
  • Row 14: k1, p4, (T2F, T2B, p2, T2F, T2B, p4) three times, k1
  • Row 15: (k6, p2, k4, p2) three times, k6
  • Row 16: k1, p5, m1, k2tog tbl, p4, k2tog, m1, (p6, m1, k2tog tbl, p4, k2tog, m1) twice, p5, k1
  • Row 17: k
  • Row 18: p

Rep these 18 rows three times more, then Row 1 once more (approx 28 cm)

Eyelet row

  • With RS facing, k3, * k2tog, yfwd, k6, rep from * to last five sts, k2tog, yfwd, k3
  • Work in garter st for 4cm ending with WS facing
  • Picot edge: cast off four sts, *slip st on RH needle to LH needle, cast on two sts, cast off five sts, rep from * to end and fasten off

To make up

Press according to yarn band instructions and sew side and bottom seams. Tie, then cut six strands of yarn 75cm long. Make into a plait, and thread through eyelets

23cm x 33cm

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