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Coco Knitting Pattern


Use crafty colourwork and folded fabric to create this gorgeous tote

This utterly stylish bag from designer Amanda Walker is the perfect accessory to keep our spirits up and remind us that spring is just around the corner – with soft hues and a gorgeous colourwork design that’ll keep you on your toes.


Bag side (make two)

Cast on 58sts in yarn A using cable cast-on method
Work in Fair Isle, stranding yarns on WS as you work, using either the chart or the pattern below
? Row 1: (RS) k4 in yarn A, (k1B, k1A, k1B, k5A) to end of row, on last rep k3A
? Row 2: (WS) p4 in yarn A, (p1B, p1A, p1B, p5A) to end of row, on last rep p3A
? Rows 3 and 4: as Rows 1 and 2
? Row 5: k1 in yarn B, k1A, k1B, k1A, (k5B, k1A, k1B, k1A) to last six stitches, k5B, k1A
? Row 6: p1B, p1A, (p5B, p1A, p1B, p1A) to end of row
? Rows 7 and 8: as Rows 5 and 6
These eight rows form the pattern
? Complete four more patt reps (five in total)
? Cast off in yarn B

To Make Up


Cut two strips from the Amy Butler fabric meas 9cm x 50cm, and attach interlining to the WS. Turn 2cm in on each side of these strips and fold in half, sandwiching the raw edges inside. Edge-st both sides of these strips. These will form the handles of the bag.

Stitch these handles to the knitted rectangles by placing one end of each handle level with the castoff edge of the knitting. Pin the handle in place, loop round and pin back down to the cast-off edge again, as pictured. Space the handles equally, 6cm from the sides of the rectangle. Stitch in place and then repeat the process for the second knitted rectangle and handle.


Cut a rectangle from the fabric meas 21cm x 24cm, and attach a piece of interlining to the WS. Stitch each of the the cast-off edges of the knitted rectangles to one of the 21cm edges of the fabric. Turn to the RS and edge stitch.

Press the two raw outer edges of the fabric inwards to match the width of the knitted rectangles, and stitch the knitted side seams together.

Turn the bag to the RS and make an inverted pleat in the centre of the fabric base panel; this will form the base gusset. Stitch the two outer edges through all layers to secure the pleat.

Special abbreviations:
k1A / k1B : knit one st in yarn A / knit one stitch in yarn B
p1A / p1B : purl one st in yarn A / purl one stitch in yarn B

19.5cm x 20.5cm (not including handles)

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