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ava Knitting Pattern


Tidy toiletries in style with this simple storage pot

This cute little container will brighten up your bathroom and keep your products tidy – knitted in the round on DPNs, it's a simple project that's great for anyone new to using four needles. This is also good for those of you that don't enjoy sewing up your work – there are no seams and minimal finishing to get this little pot looking great.


Using the two needle method, cast on nine sts in yarn A and split between three DPNs equally. Join to work in the round
? Round 1: k to end
? Round 2: * M3, k1, M3. Repeat from * on each of the remaining two needles (21 sts)
? Round 3: kto end
? Round 4: k to end
? Round 5: * M3, k2, M3, k2, M3. Rep from * three times (39 sts)
? Round 6: k to end
? Round 7: k to end
? Round 8: * M3, k5, M3, k5, M3. Rep from * three times (57 sts)
? Round 9: k to end
? Round 10: k to end
? Round 11: * M3, k5, M3, k5, M3, k5, M3. Rep from * three times (81 sts)
? Transfer knitting to circular needles
? Carry on knitting in the round, until all of your yarn is used up
? Change to yarn B, k five rounds, cast off
? Tie off yarn and weave the ends onto the right side of the knitting (the edge will roll down, covering this area)

Ava's Bow

Using two of your DPNs and yarn B, cast on four sts
? K the sts onto your right hand needle
? Do not turn; pull the sts to the other end of the needle
? K the sts again
? Repeat until the knitted cord meas 34cm long
? Cast off
? Using a tapestry needle, pass the yarn ends back inside the cord, trimming away any excess
? Tie the cord into a bow, and thread the large beads onto the two tails
? Stitch this bow onto the pot, just below the roll at the top of the work

Approx 17cm (height) x 50cm (circumference)

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