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anita Knitting Pattern


Try out this easy to learn project and make a gorgeous evening bag and purse

We just adore this pretty little pair from Amanda Walker – they're simpler than they look and combine several different techniques to create a really lovely addition to your wardrobe.


Beaded cast on and piped edging
? Thread 20 beads onto yarn B. To do this, thread a beading needle with a short length of strong sewing cotton, knotting the two ends together to make a loop. Pass your yarn through the cotton loop and then thread the beads onto the needle, past the loop and onto the yarn.

? The thumb method of casting on is needed for the edging of this project. Leaving a 60cm yarn tail, place a slip knot onto one needle, just above the threaded beads. With the needle in your right hand, slide a bead up against the needle. Hold the yarn from the tail end in your left hand and catch it with your left thumb. Insert the needle into the front strand of this loop. Take the yarn from the ball around the needle and make a knit stitch by pulling the needle through the loop, and off your thumb; pull the end of the yarn to tighten the stitch. Cast on another stitch without a bead. Repeat this process of placing alternate beads until 41sts have been cast on.

? Row 1: (WS) k1, *p1 tbl, k1; repeat from * to end of row
? Row 2: p1, * k1 tbl, p1; repeat from * to end
? Repeat rows 1 and 2 once more, and then row 1 once again
? Row 6: k
? Row 7: p
? Row 8-9: k
? Row 10: starting with a p row, work four rows reverse st st
? Row 14: *Insert right needle knitwise into the first st on the left hand needle and then into the first st on the sixth row below (the edge of the reverse stocking st), k both sts tog; repeat from * to join each st on the needle with the corresponding st on the sixth row below
? Row 15: p
? Row 16: k
? Cast off

Bag Body
Using yarn A, cast on 41sts
? Work in st st until work meas 24cm
? Cast off

Making Up
Press the main body of the bag according to manufacturer’s instructions. Make a twisted cord from a doubled length of yarn. To do this, cut two long lengths of yarn B. Twist both strands together tightly, fold them in half and finally let go of one end to allow the tension of the twist to slacken, leaving the strands to coil around each other forming a cord.

Stitch the blue trim to the cast-off edge of the main bag piece, and sew one side of the zip to this edge as well. Fold the bag over and stitch the cast-on edge to the other side of the zip. Open the zip, turn the bag so that the wrong side is outwards, and stitch the sides together, catching the ends of the twisted cord at the top of each seam. Turn the bag to the right side and to complete, thread seventeen glass beads onto a length of blue yarn and tie this in a bow to the zip pull.

Making a Beaded Loop
Knit one st, but do not slip the st off the left hand needle. Bring yarn between the needles to the front.Take the yarn under and over your left thumb, slide a bead along the yarn and onto the loop before taking the yarn back between the needles to the wrong side. Knit the st on the left hand needle again, and slip the second st on the right hand needle over this new st.

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