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5 Knitted Elf on the Shelf Ideas for 2021

5 Knitted Elf on the Shelf Ideas for 2021

Craft your own Elf on the Shelf this year with these fabulous patterns!

If you’ve heard the news and are struggling to get hold of your Elf on the Shelf this year, why not knit your own? There’s certainly no elf shortage over at LK HQ…  In fact, the November issue of Let’s Knit comes with a serious ‘elf warning! It’s simply overflowing with easy Elf on the Shelf ideas, all dressed to the nines in adorable festive outfits!

What’s the point of the Elf on the Shelf?

Elf on the Shelf is a fun Christmas tradition where a little helper is sent over to your home from the North Pole to watch over the children, and check they are behaving themselves in the run-up to Christmas. They then return back to the North Pole just before Christmas to report back to Santa on whether the children were naughty or nice.

What are the rules of Elf on the Shelf?

The rules of Elf on the Shelf vary from household to household and every family has their own unique traditions. But here are a few basic rules:

  1.  Give your Elf on the Shelf a name (something silly, usually!)

  2.  Your elf should arrive a few weeks before Christmas

  3.  During the day, the elf doesn’t move and watches the children

  4.  Every night while the little ones are asleep, your elf should move to somewhere else in the home

  5.  The children mustn’t touch their elf

  6.  The elf leaves just before Christmas to report back to Santa on the kids’ behaviour

Make your own Elf on the Shelf!

Here are some great ideas for a DIY knitted (or crocheted) Elf on the Shelf - if you’re new to knitting, these projects are a nice and easy way to get started!

Candy Cane Elf


This funny little fella is dressed to the nines in a candy cane-inspired get-up, and would make a great elf-on-the-shelf, especially if you fancy a little hide-and-seek… small enough to peek out from behind mugs, baubles and other household bits and bobs, you’ll have no end of places to move this elf to each night! Find the pattern in the November issue of Let’s Knit!

FREE Crochet Elf Pattern

If crochet is more your bag, check out this happy little elf complete with characteristic curly-toed slippers and bells! Find him for free here.

Twinkle and Tinsel

Kitted out in their smart red-and-white uniforms, Santa’s Little Helpers are sure to watch over the young’uns diligently! Perfect for a pair of siblings, this dynamic duo can share the job of watching over brothers and sisters between the two of them! Find the patterns in the November issue of Let’s Knit.

Terrific Twin Elves

If you’ve got a bigger family, why not invite another couple of elves into the home? These two are sporting matching stripey hats and stockings, and have cute, beady little eyes to ensure they catch all the goings on! Find the patterns in the November issue of Let’s Knit.

FREE knitting pattern for an Elf on the Shelf

These two fantastic free elf toy patterns would both make a perfect Elf on the Shelf this Christmas! We’ve called them Jingle and Tinsel, but feel free to give them your own names as a family. Seated, the knitted elves reach 16.5cm tall, and standing, they are 24cm tall – more than tall enough to get a good view of what the kids are up to anyway!

Plus, there are four more free festive patterns to enjoy here too, so that you can Cast on for Christmas with us! Consider them a little gift from us to you…

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